Claim Category

Claim Submission Criteria

a Retirement Age of 56 years old

b Retirement Age according to the Company's Collective Labor Agreement (CLA)

c Employee Agreement for a Specific Period (PKWT)

d Job Loss for Non-Wage Recipient Workers (BPU)

e Resignation

f Termination of Employment (PHK)

g Leaving Indonesian territory forever

h Permanent total disability

i Passing away

j Partial Claim of 10% of Old Age Security (JHT)

k Partial Claim of 30% of Old Age Security (JHT)

Options of Claim Submission Method:

How to submit a Claim online How to Submit a Claim at the Branch Office Priority Claim Collaborating Banks (SPO)

JHT Claim Submission Procedure

Claim Requirements Documents

Tax Rate Terms

Death Security (JKM) Claim Submission Procedure

A JKM claim can be submitted by the heirs of the deceased participant by visiting the nearest branch office with the required requirements or documents

Claim Documents

  • Social Security Agency for Employment participant card
  • Copy of E-KTP of the worker and his/her heirs
  • Death certificate
  • Copy of Family Card
  • Certificate of heir from the authorized official
  • Marriage Book (if the heir is the participant's spouse)
  • Other supporting documents if needed

JKM Claim Submission Procedure

JKK Claim Submission Procedure

JKK Claim can be submitted via:

a Branch Office

b Collaborating Hospitals/Clinics for Work Accidents

The following is additional information regarding the Claim Submission Method, namely:

Branch Office Collaborating Hospitals/Clinics for Work Accidents

Claim Documents

JKK Claim Submission Procedure

Claim Submission Criteria

Participants who meet the conditions can submit claims through the Claim Service at the BPJAMSOSTEK Branch Office with the following conditions for beneficiaries, including:

a Reaching Retirement Age; and

b Getting Permanent Total Disability

The submission can be made by uploading documents to the website-based or electronic claim service portal.

Claim Document

JP Claim Submission Procedure

Criteria for JKP

aParticipants who have experienced layoffs for work relations based on indefinite work agreements or work agreements for a specific period of time (PP No. 37 of 2021, Article 19 paragraph 1

The exceptions to the termination of employment are as follows:

  • resign
  • permanent total disability
  • pensio or
  • death

b Members who have a contribution period of at least 12 months in 24 months of participation and have paid contributions for at least 6 consecutive months to BPJS Ketenagakerjaan before being laid off

c The members are willing to work again

To be able to submit JKP, member’s are required to have a SIAP KERJA account. Here is the link:

JKP Claim Procedure

Jaminan Kehilangan Pekerjaan
1 Register on the SIAP KERJA Portal and report companies on SIPP Online
Jaminan Kehilangan Pekerjaan
2 Notify the IR Mediator/District/City Manpower Office of any layoffs.
Jaminan Kehilangan Pekerjaan
3 Receive the *Proof of Layoffs*.
Jaminan Kehilangan Pekerjaan
4 Deactive BPJS Ketenagakerjaan membership through the online SIPP Portal.
Jaminan Kehilangan Pekerjaan
5 Report layoffs via the SIAP KERJA Portal.

Jaminan Kehilangan Pekerjaan
1 Activate SIAP KERJA account here
Jaminan Kehilangan Pekerjaan
2 Get a layoff proof document from the Employer.
Jaminan Kehilangan Pekerjaan
3 Report layoffs through the SIAP KERJA Portal by uploading proof of layoffs if the company has not reported layoffs.

Layoff Case Reporting must be done by the company. Laid-off member’s can also report their own layoffs if the company has not fulfilled its obligations to report layoff cases.

Jaminan Kehilangan Pekerjaan
1 Visit the SIAP KERJA portal here
Jaminan Kehilangan Pekerjaan
2 Select the menu "Claim Submission."
Jaminan Kehilangan Pekerjaan
3 Fill out your personal information, account information, and sign the KAPK letter on the SIAP KERJA portal.
Jaminan Kehilangan Pekerjaan
4 Data Validation by BPJS Ketenagakerjaan.
Jaminan Kehilangan Pekerjaan
5 Get an email notification that JKP benefits are in process and waiting for payment.
Jaminan Kehilangan Pekerjaan
6 JKP benefits go to the member’s account.
Jaminan Kehilangan Pekerjaan
1 Conduct a Self-Assessment on the SIAP KERJA Portal.
Jaminan Kehilangan Pekerjaan
2 Apply for jobs (at least 5 different companies or 1 company that has been interviewed through the SIAP KERJA portal).
Jaminan Kehilangan Pekerjaan
3 Participate in the counselling session.
Jaminan Kehilangan Pekerjaan
4 Participate in job training between the 2–5 month periods, as recommended by inter-work officers (at least 80% attendance).
Jaminan Kehilangan Pekerjaan
5 Submit a claim for the following month according to the date stated in the SIAP KERJA account
Jaminan Kehilangan Pekerjaan
6 JKP benefits go to the worker's account